Pick N Eat – White Currant

The White Currant is a highly ornamental shrub.

NAME White Currant
BOTANICAL NAME Ribes sativum
KEY FEATURES Translucent delicately flavoured edible fruit are produced which are great for fresh fruit, juice, frit jelly or making into preserves.
GROWING CONDITIONS Currants are winter hardy, and will grow in most areas.
It may be grown in wet or shady areas, whereas other fruits may not..
PLANT CARE Fruit are borne on spurs that grow outwards from the main stem on one year old branches, and these should be pruned lightly each year.
For best results feed heavily in the first few years to encourage rapid growth.
Mulching is also beneficial and will retain moisture and reduce weeds.
Full Sun shade height4-5 water mulch
Full sun/ Part shade Height to 2m Water moderately Mulch well