Pick N Eat – Silvanberry

Silvanberry is a bramble bush consisting of long trailing canes.

NAME Silvanberry
BOTANICAL NAME Rubus species
KEY FEATURES Large glossy red/black fruit that has a blackberry flavour are produced from early December to mid January.
Ideal for use as fresh fruit or cooking in pies, tarts and jams.
GROWING CONDITIONS They thrive in full sun, in moist well drained soil.
PLANT CARE Apply rich organic matter to retain moisture and mulch to curb weed growth.
Canes should be pruned to ground level during the winter period.
Silvanberries have brittle canes and need to be tied to support regularly as they will damage if twined.
Water regularly when fruit is formed during summer.
Full Sun prune water drain
 Full Sun  Prune  Water Regularly Well drained soil