Pick n Eat – Fig

Fig trees are highly attractive and deciduous with distinctive, lobed leaves and gnarled branches.  They make an attractive specimen in any garden setting, are ideal for growing in containers and are perfect for espaliering.

KEY FEATURES Brown Turkey provides medium sized, richly flavoured, sweet fruit that are oval in shape, have purplish tinged brown skin and pinkish brown flesh.
The figs are produced from mid to late summer.
The fruit are ideal for eating fresh or dried and are perfect for making jam.
GROWING CONDITIONS Figs require a sunny position in moist well drained soil.
Frost tolerant once established, however they require protection when young.
PLANT CARE Apply mulch to restrict weed growth and to keep roots cool.
Water well during the growing season.
Apply a fertiliser high in nitrogen in autumn and spring.
Full Sun frost drain fertilise
 Full Sun  Frost Tolerant Well drained soil Fertilise
Fig Brown Turkey