Pick N Eat – Blueberry Brigitta

This slightly spreading bush is a fast grower with deep green foliage that is very attractive when the foliage and wood turns bright red in autumn.

NAME Blueberry Brigitta
BOTANICAL NAME Vaccinium corymbosum
KEY FEATURES Medium to large berries are ready for picking towards the end of November.
GROWING CONDITIONS Requires well aerated soil that is moist but well drained.
PLANT CARE Mulch well to retain soil moisture and to suppress weeds and protect from strong winds.
Prune old stems and dead wood at the end of winter and into early spring.
Feed with a general organic fertiliser in spring and summer.
Do not use lime.
Full Sun
Full sun/ Part shade Height 1.5-2m Well drained soil Fertilise
Blueberry Brigitta